Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bird A Day continues.

It has been a few weeks since I last posted about my efforts to see a new bird every day so an update is due.  The big item is that I am still going.

I still have 33 species which I believe to be possible in the Carwoola area and we expect to be away for 4 days in Central NSW and 5 days in East Gippsland in the next month.  So, even though some of the gang of 33 possibles need their rating prefaced with "Only just" it looks possible that I might get into July.

Since the last post on 8 April I have only had two birds in the uncommon Bird A Day ratings:

  • Peaceful Dove (rating 6) at Namadgi Visitor Centre; and
  • Grey-crowned Babbler at (5) Stump-jump, Young.
The 2 usual charts are pretty similar to those earlier in the year:
 In this first chart there is an interesting "pinch" in early May where a 2015 trip via Broken Hill to Adelaide added several birds uncommon in SE NSW  which reduced the average Index score for that series.  Following that the 2 series have resumed parallel progress, albeit a little closer together.
This simply shows the impact of a few more uncommon birds early in the year.

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