Tuesday, 31 May 2016

An update on the NSW Towns project

It has been close to a couple of years since I have written an overall progress report on our project to visit every town in NSW.  Although it has slowed down a bit due to:

  1. last years long trip getting aborted due to bad weather; 
  2. roads between the Sturt and Barrier Highways being closed due to rain;and 
  3. us spending time at Mallacoota 

we have continued to plug away,  Since August 2014 we have ticked off an extra 61 towns (thus the total is 261 visited) of which 38 have been additions to the Register of NSW War Memorials (so we have added 11 since the previous summary).  Here is where we have been (pink icons are the places we have added).
 This is the remaining towns on the Register (excluding about 200 in Metropolitan Sydney, which I am cutting out as too messy to visit),
It is unlikely we will get to Lord Howe Island!

There are a few places quite close to home which we must deal with as we wander about on 'normal business'. Having done that, there are to my surprise a couple of pockets that could be handled by one or two-day trips.  By way of example, there are some on the South Coast ...
.. and another patch in the Southern Riverina
This is not too far from Rutherglen and certain centres of oenology so seems to have a few ducks lining up!

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