Thursday, 12 May 2016

A spiffy sunset

As it is still not too cold most days we are still sitting in our East facing room to have a convivial glass and listen to ABC FM Drive in the evenings.  On 12 May Frances drew my attention to the interesting effect of the setting sun on the clouds.
 After getting that snap through the window I went outside and noticed that the effect was even spiffier to the West.

 I liked the lone tree on the ridge in Taliesin.
I am reminded of the English saying:
Red sky at night, shepherd's delight;
Red sky in morning, shepherd's warning.
The meteorological interpretation of this is that a red sky means rain.  Even in the UK it rarely rains for more than 12 hours so if it is red in the evening it will be dry when the shepherd is out and about in daylight.  However a red sky in the morning means a wet working day.

From my experience that means the proverbial shepherds were pretty wimpy. At lambing time the ones I knew in the UK were out in the paddock at midnight so a red sky in the evening meant the night was wet making it even more important to get any new-born lambs into shelter.

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