Friday, 4 December 2015

The Plain Illuminations

While driving around the Hoskinstown Plain recently I noticed that some hay rolls had been made into interesting designs.
 Yes, antlers !  Must be reindeer!
 A star on top of the Christmas tree, and possibly fairy lights decorating it.
I subsequently confirmed with the landowner that they were fairy lights but the installation wasn't yet finished so wait a few days before driving down after dark.

Meanwhile there is plenty more raw material for more sculptures!
 Indeed there was.  Two nights later several more reindeer have appeared.
 It was just starting to get dark so the lights hadn't yet turned, but the Herefords were gathering to inspect this addition to their domain.
 I went for a circuit of the Plain to see if any Owls were lurking about.  Unfortunately all I saw was a few Magpies.  However I thought this view down the road towards the hills on Woolcara Station was rather pleasant.
 Lighting has happened!

When I got back to the site another car was parked there, so the hard work is adding to people's interest and enjoyment.  Well done.

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