Monday, 28 December 2015

Cockington Green

This is a tourist attraction on what used to be the Northern side of Canberra, before the township (think Soweto without the good music and classy soccer team) of Gungahlin extended the urban concept over the good cow paddocks in that area.  I had never been there and it seemed like a place to try with Arabella while her olds went to view the latest Star Wars epic.

The basic plot (of Cockington Green, not Gungahlin) is a series of model houses and figures illustrating aspects of UK life in one area and international buildings in another.  Most of the images to follow are of the UK bit: some images from the international area will come from our next visit.

Here is a view of the starting point with the main building dominant.
 Arabella posed between the coat of arms.
 This is a distant view of the international area, taken from the playground
 Quite a few of the scenes had humour in them.  This display of a generalised soccer (I refuse to call it football - it's ridiculous for the least entertaining form of sports called that to usurp it totally) match.  They have about 1000 spectators in the stands).
 The humour is in the bottom centre.
 This is a depiction of the first ever streak in the UK - in 1979 -  where the perpetrator had his wobbly bits covered by a cop's helmet.  The card for the site comments that the helmet was auctioned for charity in 2000 raising $A6273!

I cant remember where this was based on but like the joke of having The Stig on the RHS!
 This is Duxford Mill.  The exhibit card admits they did the original model from a photo on a calendar and thus got a few things wrong!  This was fixed by a visit to the original and consequent rebuilding the model.
 Arabella thought the playground was very good and spent a lot of time in the playhouse.
 We also did a train ride ...
...  which gave a good view over the whole site.
In discussion as we drove home the main client opined that she liked the train ride best!

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