Sunday, 13 December 2015

December invertebrates

It has been warm so the insects are about.  So are spiders, although I didn't take a snap of the ;large Huntsman which appeared on our sink.

Lets start with a caterpillar.
This chap and a similar colleague were dining on one of Frances' fuschias.  They didn't get beyond the hors d'oeuvres and are now former caterpillars.

This incited me to go for a 'bug-hunt'  I found no true bugs but was very surprised to find this very large Mantis on an early flowering Kniphofia.
 I think it is a female Large Brown Mantid, Archimantis latistyla , not just because it is large (about 15cm) and brown but it has dark dots on the forewings (thanks Brisbane insects for that tip).
I rate it as a female because its wings only go halfway down the abdomen.

Ladybirds, Coccinella transversalis seem to be everywhere at the moment.
 This one was on an apricot at a friends house.  I think it is Illeis galbula.  If so, that is good news as it eats fungi!
The patterned wings on this small fly make me think it is a Fruit Fly of some species.
One of the many variants n the theme of bush fly around at the moment.  It was rather small and pleasantly non-aggressive.
A far larger sample turned up on the window.  It was so large I thought it was a March Fly, but it doesn't have the required characteristics.
Up on the dam Pond Striders were abundant.  Given the way they always seem to be in welded pairs it is not surprising they are abunjdant!

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