Sunday, 13 December 2015

A solved mystery revisited

A few days I posted about a Blue-tongued Lizard getting caught in my rabbit trap.  Well it happened again today, but I got some better snaps this time.  This first image shows the lizard from side on.
This is looking down on it.  I am unsure (but would welcome opinions) if the width of the abdomen indicates it's a gravid female, or just a threat display.  I am now advised that it isn't possible to distinguish between these conditions.
It was certainly annoyed.  When I removed the backing plate it charged me with tongue flashing etc..
 When I opened the trapdoor it rapidly bolted back under the shed, leaving behind a nice sample of its diet.  I shall have to research what it eats: it looks revolting,  (It appears to be be omnivorous, from fungi to mice!  Slugs are mentioned, and that does seem like a fair candidate for the black mess.)
To make it clear: when I can't keep a pretty constant check on the trap I disarm it so no beast - whether rabbit, lizard or feral moggie - is stuck in there for an undue length of time.


sue catmint said...

no idea if lizard is expecting, but I enjoyed this interesting post.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Sue. I have sent a link to some Herpie friends who I hope will express an opinion.