Saturday, 26 December 2015

It's a dogs Life

We were invited to spend Christmas evening with friends in Weston.  They have a dog, by the name of Boson, as Mr Higgs theory was proved just before he was acquired.

Before he was acquired, as a rescue dog, they were told was (mainly) whippet.  He has turned out a bit bigger than that and from DNA analysis appears to be a mixture of  Kelpie, Greyhound, Mastiff, Staffie, Boxer and about 25%??   He is about 22kgs which makes him loom a little over Tammy (who weighs in at about 3.5Kgs and thus outdoes the real Higgs boson which tips something or another at CERN at 2.22875E-25 Kgs).
They are both aware that cooking is being done in the kitchen and are ever hopeful.  Their hopes were rewarded eventually with some turkey skin which was very well, and speedily, dealt with.  Some sleeping was then in order.  Surprisingly in this snap they are both in the correct beds.
The normal situation is them on the other's bed.  Boson somehow manages to fold up on Tammy's much smaller cushion.  

The Editor of Country Life has commented that Jack Russells - which are very similar to Tammy - love big dogs, because they can be bossed around!  It is very funny to watch Boson pouncing at Tammy, trying to persuade her to chase him.  She rarely obliges but occasionally does a Dougal impression which sets him going.  (Tammy spins a lot quicker than Dougal, especially when excited.)

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