More trapping: this time with Beer!

WARNING: this includes images of dead insects.

One of the curses of gardening is the night-time raids by invertebrates to mangle one's plants.  We have found that pit traps full of stale beer work rather well as bait.  The plants are particularly sensitive to these raids when they have just emerged and we have found this year that our cucurbits were getting hammered so some traps were installed.

The three green discs are the covers on the traps.  Red circles are thriving cucurbits while the yellow circles are a couple of plants that have been slightly nibbled.
 On removing the lids of the two left traps a slater soup was visible.
 There also a few former insects in there.

 The mess was lobbed into our dam, hoping that the yabbies would enjoy the augmentation to their diet.
You will note that the water level is about as well as the beetles.  A month of no rain, temperatures often in the 30C range and strong winds will do that.


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