Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Mainly lions

We took Arabella to the zoo today (mainly because we all seem to enjoy it).  It being school holidays there were a lot more folk around than there has been on our other visits.  However it wasn't a problem.

After some time in the Aquarium we went to look at the lions. The first activity was a female playing with a dustbin lid.
 Until she dropped it in the water.
 Meanwhile, in the next pen a keeper was placing some large chunks of meat on rocks.  She left the pen and a door was opened .  Rather important to get the order of things right there as 4 large male lions roared out (both sound and speed-wise) to grab said victuals.
One of them managed to grab two chunks while another missed out.  Presumably that evens out over time - the one who dipped looked pretty fit.  Here is the greedy one doing some demolition.
Looking at that image I recall going, many years ago, to the Safari Park North of Adelaide where they had a couple of signs up as you drove in:

  • Lions eat meat: what are you made of?  Keep your windows closed.
  • Admission $X per car.  Poms on bicycles free.

Some nerk complained that the second was racist and they had to take it down!

On the subject of memories when we were in Tanzania we did a walk through forest inhabited by Black and White Colobus.  At times they would drop about 15m from the top of a tree, grabbing a branch about 2m above the ground.  I couldn't imagine the stress on their arm joints as they did that, let alone the timing as they were travelling fairly swiftly when they caught the branch!

The mob at the zoo were a tad more chilled.
In the moat restraining the Colobus from exploring the Arboretum a Dusky Moorhen family were having a swim.
Herself was very interested in the Emu.  
Then she announced that where she wanted to go next was "Home" which was fair enough after an hour and a half!

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