Monday, 12 October 2015

Summer = reptiles

I will start with a former reptile, having transferred the image from another post.   This poor animal (Eastern Brown Snake) had vertebrae but not well functioning ones after I failed to miss it with the car.  At close to 2m long spread across a 5m wide road it was difficult to dodge.
The next example was almost as stationary.  As a small terrier had just passed by that seems to have been a good strategy.
As the eye is clearly visible and shiny, the beastie is alive but just adopting a low profile.  I interpret the dirt on top of its head as suggesting that some ants have had a bad start to the day.
I spotted my first Bearded Dragon of the season on 10 October but had no optical capture device with me, so there is no image (yet).  That changed on 19 September on our drive: aren't iPhones useful!
On 13 October the first Common Blue-tounged Lizard of the year appeared on the drive.  Again it stayed still and the small dog passed by.
 In this shot you can see the tip of the blue tongue!

There will be further posts to this before the end of the month!

Indeed: a Cunningham's Skink visitied the garage and got its own post!

A small Gippsland Water-dragon has appeared on the rocks of our ford.
This snip, showing just the head and neck does give a foretaste of how colourful these creatures can become.
Much later in Summer (12/1/16) I was able to get a poor phone pic of the Mountain Dragon which lives under a large rock beside our drive.
Here is a better, albeit less typical due to the high level of cooperation, shot of a Mountain Dragon from a bed outside the kitchen window.

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