Thursday, 15 October 2015

ANPS Falls after Bulee Gaps

So we headed off towards the Sandstone delights after the Endrick,  As a very full day was planned the leader zipped past the quarry on Cullula Rd to the first stop at Bulee Gap.  Things have got a tad out of sequence in composing this post so we will quickly go forward to the Falls.
 Then we'll duck back to an example of the great floriferousness at Bulee Gap.
I will note that what follows are just the things I photographed: I'm sure I missed a lot on this great outing (apart from missing the last couple of stops).

I found this nice little orchid.  Referring to Alan Stephenson's book "Orchid Species of the Shoalhaven" I was able to identify it as Stegostyla transitoria.  Alan has confirmed the ID!

A Microtis sp. just beginning to emerge
I have decided that, despite the dorsal sepal bending somewhat forward, this is Petalochilus fuscata.
These huge greenhoods are Pterostylis baptistii.
The first beardie looked very red in the field and I have decided it is Calochilus paludosus.
A much more purple colour led me to conclude this is C. platychilus
The third species found was C. campestris.
Enough with the orchids (although of course too many orchids are never enough).  On to the mono dicots, starting with various beans, in a wide range of colours beginning with red  Kennedia prostrata
Mirbelia rubifolia was everywhere - despite my never having noticed/seen it before.
The leafless Bossiaea ensata.
In my post about our (non-ANPS) return from Nowra I comments about the carpets of orange bean beside the road.  On this trip I stopped to take a couple of images.  Roger's report identifies it as Pultenaea microphylla var prostrata.

Now leaving the Fabaceae: Dampiera stricta.
Isopogon anenthifolia
Hakea dactyloides
This Comesperma ericinum was growing on the top of a cliff and the unstable surface meant I followed - for a change - the advice of other members not to go closer.
Amperea xiphoclada
Sphaerolobium vimineum: that should have been included in the beans - oh well, you need some variety!
Patersonia sp.
Burchardia umbellata - I usually think of these as a coastal plant but here they were well inland.
Actinotis helianthi.
Melaleuca capitata
People!  I needed help with this one.  Then Janelle told me that it is Chloanthes stoechadis.
There were a few invertebrates around but with the warmth they were all rushing around.  This Yellow Admiral was in the shade above the Gap so a snap was taken.

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Ian Fraser said...

Magnificent! Where is this wondrous place? In Morton? I'd never met C transitoria before. Love it.