Monday, 5 October 2015

Global warming focuses on Nowra

We had deferred a trip to Nowra (and replaced it with one to Bermagui) as the area had disappeared under a flooding Shoalhaven River.  As the area has dried out we tried again.  The forecast suggested warmth - around 34oC.  In fact it got warmer than that which made it a bit challenging.

We aimed to stay at the Shoalhaven Caravan village on the outskirts of Nowra.  To make sure they were open after the floods I rang from home and got no answer.  So we decided to call in when we got here, on the expectation that if they were submerged we'd find somewhere else.  The day started with a nice view of an Echidna in our drive.
 The drive  to Nowra including the new Oallen Ford Bridge was fine apart from some refugee from a 4WD campout at Willow Glen driving at 20km below the speed limit.
 Sluicing for gold was still the deal beside the Shoalhaven.
The Princes Highway at Nowra was the usual car park.
So we got to the caravan village and the office was empty and ringing the contact number got voice mail.  As it was hot we headed off towards the Coast and found a nice helpful van park in the Anglers Rest at Greenwell Point.  We took their site.  About 90 minutes later the people at Shoalhaven returned my call: they didn't seem disappointed to have lost my business, which is why they won't be getting any more of it.  Losers.

The lady at Anglers Rest felt that the two fish and chip shops would be closing a bit early but D Js would be later.  Being desirous of a fish tea I went to ask when they could be closing and was told 6pm.  Going forward a bit I swung in at 5:45 to find they had closed as they had to go home at 6pm.  I asked if they could spell "customer service" and told them they were pathetic  That was being kind - do not go to this place: the pub does good blackfish and chips!

We walked around the town.  There were some good gardens.

 It is a working town with a fishing fleet ..
.. and a lot of oyster beds.
 A view through the mangroves.
 We then went to Culburra Beach where we found  new War Memorial.
 The beach was very crowded for a Monday, even a Public Holiday.  Had we gone to the French Riviera by mistake?  (One speculates with terror what this area is like in January.)
The ultimate bogan: chooses her bathers to match her tatts (or vice versa - I am not sure which is worse).
 Some good rocks ...

... occasionally inundated.  Frances noted that all the fisherpersons who headed this way were wearing life jackets!
Some carved poles near the lighthouse.
 Tea tree growing behind the beach.
 The obligatory Pelican snap.
 Waders on the rock behind the lighthouse.

 A Pacific Golden Plover in pretty close to breeding plumage.
 A red-necked Stint ibid.

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