Thursday, 1 October 2015

September 2015 updates

An unusual sighting occurring when a pair of kangaroos sprinted across our lawn.  That in itself was not surprising but the fact that they seemed to be being chased by a fox was. I'd have thought there were enough rabbits around that a fox didn't need to try for a roo.  (While rabbits can deal out a fairly mean kick in the dental area, it is unlikely to be fatal, which could easily be the case with an unlucky go by an Eastern Grey.)

This Blog

  • The Spring thing post has been updated to make the screaming woman link work  and including another image of the lightning struck tree.  Also a former snake and some munched Acacia.
  • A very interesting comment has been added to the International bird names post about usage of eponyms in Slavonic-language bird names.
  • Flowers of beans, a daisy and a small pink orchid added to another Spring post.

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