Friday, 23 October 2015

More Carwoola natural sights

This is mainly the things noted on a stroll up the block.  Of course, having said that I start with what I think is a mayfly, spending a fair proportion of its life on a pair of jeans on the washing line!
 The first spitfires (aka sawfly larvae) I have noticed around the block.
I was motivated to take the stroll as we had noticed a Donkey Orchid (Diuris sulphurea) as we walked the pooch this morning.  In the afternoon I noticed quite a few of them.
 Further up, just in front of the Glossodia major site, were some D. pardina.

 The Kunzea parvifolia were flowering very well.
As were the two common beans on the place Dillwynia sericea and Pultenaea procumbens (plus some Brachyloma daphnoides).
Just before going to bed  noticed an interesting looking moth on the kitchen window.  Here is its underside
 and its topside.
Suggestions on species name welcome!

The next day I finally thought to take a photograph of the flowering Lomandra filiformis which we noticed on the dog walk.
This species seems to be exteremly floriferous this year.


sue catmint said...

fantastic insect photos. If you want to id the moth, you can send the photo to the Melb. Museum - depending where you live. I've done this a few times and they're very helpful.

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Sue. As I don't live in Victoria I'll try a few of the local lepidopterists first!