Friday, 6 March 2015

Spectacular Dawn snaps and smoke stench

On the morning of 5 March Frances drew my attention to the spectacular sunrise.

 The next day was not quite so colourful, but still spiffy.

The atmosphere on the 6th was spoilt by the stink of wood smoke.

I was wondering who had fired up their heater - it was cool overnight (+5o C) but not that chilly.  Then I remembered hearing an item on the news that the NSW Sparks and Wildfires Service were warning the people of Canberra about activities in Kosciosko National Park.  (Being fair, they have now recognised that "controlled burn" is an oxymoron and now talk about Hazard Reduction Burns.  Perhaps soon they will really get honest and call them Habitat Reduction Burns.)

Of course their ACT colleagues are also getting their jollies by lighting up most of the Brindabellas sometime soon.

I am sure both organisations see the ideal for a 'park' is something between an ocean beach and a huge car park.  Those nasty trees and wild animals are offensive to the sense of order of good public employees (note that I don't call them public servants, as they don't serve anyone!)

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