Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Art and About in Canberra

On the afternoon of the 17th of March we took ourselves into Canberra.  Our first stop was at the School of Art where I found an intriguing courtyard between the library and the gallery.  It seemed to be where the ceramicists went to ignite things.

The first thing to catch my eye was this arch.
 These kilns might be just tools but could also be considered works of art themselves (especially the one on the right).
 Ditto for this collection.
I originally thought that this was another flavour on the theme of kiln, but the label says it is a pizza oven!   Fair enough, many folk - including me - reckon a good pizza is a work of art!
 These objects were just hanging around.  Are they still in progress? awaiting deposition in a gallery somewhere? practise pieces consigned to the dustbin of art history?
This plane tree is beginning to change colour, which is rather early.  Probably a sign of the dryness of the last month.
This tree has clearly decided to get in early to avoid the rush.
As we walked through Garema Place the sound of folk music was heard.  It turned out to be a small band playing in the outside area of King O'Malleys pub.  With the green hats and green balloons I realised that it was of course St Patrick's Day
The green dots are to prevent the naughty face recognition software from fingering anyone who's told the boss they have gone to a meeting but are instead supping a few pints of stout.  (Although any boss who spends his time trawling Blogger looking for images of his staff hanging out in random pubs needs to take a good hard look at their own effectiveness!)

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