Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Some late Summer invertebrates

As will be revealed when I analyse the March weather records I have decided that in this area Summer ends at the end of March rather than the beginning.  Thus taking the following photos on 31 March was doing the business in Summer rather than Autumn.

It is often said that Buddleia is the Butterfly Bush.  We have a couple of specimens of that genus which are just about 'over' at present.  However we have some Westringia which is proving very attractive.

Australian Painted Lady
Always good to see Cabbage Whites doing something other than laying eggs on Brassica!
 The image shows how a Common Blue resembles the flowers on Westringia.
Meadow Argus
 A day flying moth.
This red and blue beetle was in the house.  I have taken many images of them on plants but thought this one with its shadow was quite amusing.
I have posted a couple of times about the swarming flies, which I first noticed on 13 January.  They are still going most evenings!

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