Sunday, 8 March 2015

Rain little, flowers few, birds lots!

As we drove down I noticed that the creeks which had been running a banker last trip were very low.  The rain gauge at the house only had 50mm showing,and yesterday a pond we passed had much less water than in the past.   (BoM showed good rain (122mm) in January at Mallacoota but only 54mm since.)  So basically it seems to have been dry recently.

Possibly as a result of that there have been very few flowers around - thus far we haven't found orchid #1 for the trip!  Here are the few flower snaps I took today.

Some old man's beard (not mine, but Clematis sp.) beside Karbeethong Road
 Persoonia sp - the most exciting flower on the Casuarina walk!
 A whiter shade of Lobelia anceps.
 So to birds.  I have been told that White-headed Pigeons arrived here 2 years ago.  In the past I have noticed them doing procreational stuff and it was pleasing to see 3 on a feeder across the road (with a Wonga Pigeon as a bonus).
 A little later there were 7 of them!
 I suspect the discoloration on this one suggests immaturity and thus the breeding was successful.
 One cannot have too many images of male Australian King Parrots!  They are back to being common in the Mallacoota area after a few quieter months.
Going to the Water Treatment area for a prowl I found about 10 Jacky Winters decorating high points.  That is a lot for that species, so here are two photos

 A juvenile Dusky Woodswallow
The waterbirds were a little distant for photographing but were present in good numbers and diversity.
At the house I had been intrigued that I hadn't seen a New Holland Honeyeater thus far.  So of course they were then everywhere I looked.
On the reptile front the usual suspects were around the house.  I was concerned that the nearer of the two pictured had issues (beyond being in a gravid state) ...
 ... but she soon moved when I got closer.
There have been a few butterflies around, but the only poser was this, which I have identified as a Mountain Ochre Trapazites phigaloides.  Common in the mountains, but also known from near Sydney and Melbourne
As we thought about going to bed there was a thump on the deck and here was a bandit looking over the BBQ!  It was persuaded to leave, fortunately before the small dog spotted it.
On the human banditry side the local RFS seem to be doing what RFSs do - planning to burn the bush - along Karbeethong Rd.  Its interesting that they put up a sign saying they'll be doing something between February and June!  That is the first indication of flexibility I have seen from them: note that they have already done a good bit of wood chipping to give them access.
 Down at the seafront the Coastguard were informing the populace.  I was interested to see what the Coastguard do, being a firm supporter of the Royal Life Boats Society in the UK.  Then I looked at the presenter's boiler suit and thought that Water Police meant just one more lot of officiousness. (Looking at the Wikipedia page the cop must be an invited guest - the Volunteer Coastguard "enjoys a reputation for being helpful and courteous to all boat owners."and "has no law enforcement powers".)
It was pretty when he lit up his smoke bomb however!
I'd point out that I have obfuscated his face for privacy- he hasn't got a lot of gloop from his flare.

I've also obfuscated stuff for "Wake of the Day"!

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