Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Photos few, pleasure high, bats flew,

For some reason I didn't capture some of the interesting bits of today in electrons.  Which is a contrast to the way the day started.

At about 6:30 the sky was interesting coloured.
 By 7 the sun was up and giving good effects.
 Looking in the other direction the moon was also around - OK not quite a round as fullness was a couple of days ago.
 10 minutes later and overexposure was an issue.
We did our usual longer walk into town and back.  I thought this Little Pied Cormorant with a stain breast worthy of a snap.  Those not familiar with the species often get excited with the strange appearance.
I have seen overseas visitors just about come over unnecessary at the colours of a Crimson Rosella.  They are very common in our area so it is good to occasionally remember how marvellous they look.
 My job for the day was to give the lawn a #2 haircut and take stuff to the tip.  This was all accomplished, finding the tip to have been refurbished and only reopened 2 weeks ago.  This is point 1 where I didn't take snaps.  Possibly because of the length of the conversation with the tipmeister explaining how everything was working!

Our afternoon expedition was to Quarry Beach and the grassland behind the airfield.  On the beach our small friend was allowed off the lead, which is becoming our usual practice where the beach is enclosed by rocky headlands and it is wide enough that she can't dart off into the scrub.  She is generally quite obedient and does seem to enjoy being able to sniff at things.
Some evidence of the sedimentary nature of the rocks.
This little cairn must have taken quite a time to construct as pebbles are relatively uncommon on this beach.
A close up of the base of the work: an interesting bit of jam and balance.
Shortly after this was taken obedient dog decided to catch up with other folk on the beach.  Some jogging to catch up, and much yelling, then ensued.  The words "Good"and "Dog" were not used!

This guy seemed to be checking his lobster pots.  The way the boat was pitching about - in a low but very choppy sea - made it clear that this was not a job for those prone to motion sickness.
We then went to the airfield paddock hoping for some grassland birds.  Only 1 Pipit was available - but filled the need for bird of the day -and very few flowers.

Reverting to marine activities here is (most of) wake of the day.
In the evening we were watching TV just on dark when a dark shape passed by.  The fruit bats were heading off to the blossom.  We ducked outside and watched quite a few flap over, mainly heading up to the Narrows.  A few more adventurous specimens set off across the Inlet.  This could be example 2 when I didn't have the camera, but the light wasn't good for photography and they didn't hang around!

The light also wasn't good at 2355 when thumping from the deck woke me.  It turned out the noise was two possums.
The photo is a tad underexposed because it is taken using my headlight as illumination rather than a flash (I wasn't totally awake and couldn't find the flash button in the dark). 

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