Friday, 6 March 2015

'Çoota again

It being a while since we have crossed into Mexico (ie South of the NSW border, not the area around Tijuana or Guadalajara) we headed in that direction after Frances gym session today.  There was a fair bit of traffic around - possibly reflecting the long weekend in Canberra - but this caused us no grief.  We noticed one guy near Nimmitabel in a small sedan being followed by 20 Harley Davidsons (in 2 well-disciplined rows) and were glad we weren't him!

The traffic thinned to almost zero after Bombala: in the 55km of Imlay Rd we saw one tradesman's truck emerge from a logging track and crossed with one unladen jinker.  Getting to the Princes Highway we found a boat on the highway:
There are good places for boats, but behind a Mitsubishi Challenger is not one of them.  80kph maximum, on a road with few overtaking spots, is a pain!

Once at Karbeethong weather was evident.
This is Victoria after all!   There was some evidence that this sort of weather has been the recent standard.  The rabbits and kangaroos have obviously been slacking on the job!
 Some pretty flowers were evident in the garden.   Persoonia sp ..
 .. and Grevillea var???
 Several birds were evident with a White-headed Pigeon being a big contender for Bird of the Day.

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