Wednesday, 25 March 2015

ANPS Berries the Weather Radar

Today's walk went up - and I mean up - to the Canberra Weather Radar site in Tallaganda State Forest.  Here is the site; I think it just fits within Blogger's adult sites rules!
Getting the infrastructure stuff out of the way here is the excellent new bridge at Captains Flat: with an election on Saturday I am surprised there were no John Barilaro posters on it!
This is the Eucalyptus radiata forest at the start of the walk.
As Ros said in her email there were lotsa berries around.  Here are Pittosporum bicolor ...
.. Tasmannia lanceoloata (or Pepper bush)
.. Choretrum pauciflorum (technically a type of fruit known as a drupe rather than a berry)...
.. Polyscias sambucifolia ...
... Coprosma quadrifida...
 .. Dianella tasmanica - a particularly dense clump ...
.. and Leucopogon lanceolatus.
Let's move on to other seedy things: Arrenechthites mixtus 
.. and Gahnia sp.
OK.  There were some flowers: not many but quite nice.  The typical 'heathy 'thing of early Winter (although I found today quite OK temperature-wise others reckoned it was cold: wimps) Monotoca scoparia.
A nice example of Xerochrysum bracteatum plus butterfly (yet to be identified)
A close-up thereof, showing the proboscis to prove it is in focus.
Brachyscome spathulatum.
Helichrysum rutidolepis 
Although some Wahlenbergia gloriosa were seen they were uncooperative in the matter of open flowers.  This tiny jobbie was probably W. gracilis but from an abundance of caution will stick to Wahlenbergia sp.
This is a club moss!
A rock, well endowed with lichen!
A rather vertical rock, suggested by some to be a cliff, partially endowed with Pomaderris phylicifolia.
Nice scribbles on Eucalyptus pauciflora.
The blander bark of E. radiata.
I was surprised to find this car about 50m off the track.  Given the sapling growth around it, it had been there for some time.
The thought did cross my mind that there might have been a former person in it so went to check and (fortunately) resolved that question in the negative.
It was generally agreed that the presence of the baby seat implied it wasn't the owners of the car that stuck it there!

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