Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sundry observations of Nature in Carwoola

I have been a little obsessed recently with the many interesting things seen at Gigerline, the swarm of midges and the aphids seen a few days ago.  The latter two have provided much interest, with probably more additions to those two posts than any others I have published.

However there have been a few interesting things around.

This is the first rude fungus (Phallus rubicundus) of the year.  As is often the case generally, and always here, it is growing out of eucalypt mulch.  I suspect I may be the transport agency when spreading mulch from the heap in the vegetable garden.

An acridid grasshopper having a pause on a nice warm Widgiewa Road early one morning.
 Another 'hopper on a strawberry leaf.
Although this ladybird looks yellowish I think it is actually a Common ladybird (Harmonia conformis) mainly because none of the yellow and black ones have that pattern.
Getting to birds: the New Holland Honeyeaters hung around for over a week.  This one posed nicely outside our sunroom.
It was probably worn out after clinging to a red hot poker.
I hadn't seen a White-eared Honeyeater for some weeks until this one decided to join the twisters on the pokers.
Reptiles seem to be everywhere.  I think this is a Blotched Blue-tongued Lizard, basking on Whiskers Creek Rd.

This is a very small Gippsland Water Dragon on rocka at the edge of Whiskers Creek.

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