Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A foxy interlude

Apologies to those hanging out for the post about ANPS going to Mount Aggie but I have about 90 images to go through and that will take sme time to organise.  In the meantime here is some excitement from this morning.

I looked out my study window and saw a canid exploring a pile of topsoil.

After a while it cleared off.  Then I looked again and there were at least three reynards - from the look of things an adult and two cubs.

I had to take small dog out for a comfort stop and all foxes headed for the hills.  Tammy got their scent and was most interested.  Some stern barking was administered - and I don't think she'd have backed off even if she had realised that each of this pack was about 4 times her size.

I suspect they had originally been attracted by the corpse of a kangaroo elsewhere in the paddock.

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