Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Flowers and vegies

One of the pleasures of being out here is the range of flowers and fruit/vegetables we grow.  In Winter it can seem a bit desperate, but the rest of the year there is always something to look at/eat or pick.  I'll begin with a section of the view from my study window.

It features Pink lilies, white daisies and some Crocosmia
 A close up of the Crocosmia: while it is nice to look at when in flower it is very invasive.
On the subject of Lilies ...
The next three images are various forms of Begonia.

Where are the fucshias you ask? Unfortunately we had a small disaster with herbicide residue so the fuschias are in plant hospital - hopefully only for this season.

Let us move towards the edible section.  Although some people would disagree, we do not regard any part of a globe artichoke as edible.  Possibly our views might change if we found one after being without food for a few weeks, but as that isn't the case we just enjoy the pretty flowers.
For the first time in several years we have a crop of plums.
And what a crop: so far I reckon we have given away 3 kilos and cooked/frozen another 3.  And that has barely put a dent in them.
We also have some nice peaches.
The strawberries are also having a second crop.

 Frances found one very small tomato a couple of days ago and I got this one on Sunday.
 So we are now moving into the shape of crops to come.  Here are a couple of varieties of tomato ....

 ..  a flower on some form of pepper  ...
 ... and sundry cucurbits going for world domination.

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