Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rain, a Tiger Snake and Night Herons

The first go I had at this blog was around for a day.  Then I tried to add labels using the iPad Blogger App.  This resulted in me deleting the blog - BUGGER!  As usual with 'apps' it has far worse user friendliness that the 'applications' in Windows.  The first large brickbat to Apple.

I shall try to summarise the main points here.

Rainfall was about variation in falls over a short distance.  In one storm we got 13mm, a friend about 5km away got 27mm and a third property scored 40.  The next day we got 19mm (in 30 minutes or less) and our friend got 3mm.  Can someone forecast this stuff?

Tiger Snake:  I saw this on Whiskers Creek Rd.  I didn't go closer - especially since it took a good look at me before moving off!
That was the first Tiger Snake I had seen up this way.  Cast a pebble at the corvids: two days later we found another - much smaller and flatter, and definitely less alive - on Widgiewa Rd.  Its a plague!!!

I was going out on Tuesday to show our friend the Nankeen Night Heron.  In the event we found 5 of them.  Here are two.
Note the plumes on the lower one.  I now reckon they are breeding in there, but will have to keep an eye out for the juveniles.

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