Friday, 9 January 2015

Now we are two!

Two years ago there were two important aspects of life.  Of minor importance to us was a day of catastrophic fire danger.  Of more importance was the arrival of Arabella.  To celebrate this anniversary we arranged a small brunch at Black Mountain Peninsula.  Here is the view.
Apparently the main guest is good at opening parcels!  She also likes books!
 But mainly she likes opening presents.  It will be interesting to see how she goes with the doctors kit - apparently the stethoscope flashes lights, which is must be functionality to attract younger people into the professoin.  (Sort of like the noisy musak at T20 cricket matches.)
The card says the two.  I was most impressed that when I asked her for two spoons she handed over the right number!
 Security was provided by an attack Swan which eventually decided it was going to bum more food elsewhere ..
  and wandered off showing irs feathers looking rather like a back view of The King.
Rather appropriate on the day of the start of the Parkes Elvis Festival for this year.

Security on the Lake was being looked after by the AFPs finest.  I have no idea why they bought their boat into the swimming area, but at least they managed to tilt the motors to get it in without destroying the buoy line.
A pity they didn't repeat this when leaving the area, rather than ripping the line off its mooring on the island before they zoomed off down the Lake when a park vehicle turned up.

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