Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fruit and veg

Summer is the season for harvesting more stuff.  Some of it grows by itself - too damn successfully unfortunately - towards the top of the block.

Having noticed the blackberries were ripe before we hosted a lunch last weekend we picked a couple of litres then, and went back for a more determined effort yesterday.  I think I picked about 4 litres more and some friends another 8l.
 There are still plenty left.
 Amongst those left, and not because they are unripe, are the whiter ones in this image.
I went up again this morning (to spray some of the regrowth brambles in the rest of the block) and noticed about 30 starlings fly out of the main patch.  The main species evident while we were picking were Superb Fairy-Wrens and Noisy Friarbirds.

Back at the vegie garden the plums are still delivering.  I think we must have picked about 30 kilos some of which have been eaten, a lot frozen and and about 10kgs given away.  The strawberries are doing nicely again.
Our tomatoes are just starting to hit their straps.  Once the pink pears begin to deliver their huge fruit the business of freezing sauce for pasta through the year will begin.
 Frances thought one of the potato plants was about done so did a little bit of bandicooting.  This is what she got from one of about 20 plants.
We are not going to be short of spuds for the next few months.  I am here to say that one of these was converted int most excellent fritters for tea last night.

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