Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The soccer score: ANPS 0 ... Rain 1

There was always a chance that today was going to get a tad damp at some point.  That point turned out to be about -35.475 149.769 where the Mt Franklin Rd passes Parrot Rd.  At least there it was only a swarm of gnats, followed by cloud.
This poor old tree was reaching for sky and also demonstrating the direction of the prevailing wind - about SSW I think - although such was not evident today, it being dead calm.
 The cloud had the gall to condense on this leaf material.
 These are about the first fungi I have seen in months!  Drought will do that.
 Roger thought there wouldn't be many insects around , but there did seem to be a few moths flittering in the canopy of the Fabaceae.  This one seems to be family Arctiidae and, from the photo in Zborowski and Edwards, possibly genus Azura.  A check on Wikipedia indicates 361 species in that genus and I cannot get any further!
Colourful rocks with moss.  Moss is not known for its love of arid environments.
A plant!  In flower (or at least in bud): Leucchrysum alpinum I think
After the pin was pulled we stopped at the Bulls Head shelter for lunch.  Some entities were already partaking of lunch (or possibly an extended breakfast) across the road.
You want cute?
The inside view from the shelter.
I reckon the decision to pull the pin was very sound.  I was surprised how little the road had chopped up where the grader was operating near the end of the bitumen, but possibly some bits of fire trails might have been less enjoyable.

It was, of course. damned annoying to get home and find we had scored a whole 0.2mm of rain.


Ian Fraser said...

Ah yes, that day I was doing some survey work in the forests above Bulls Head (outside the NP). In the end the marked track route I was assessing came to a sudden halt - ie no more ribbons! My car was a long way below (I'd been dropped off) so I battled up through the rain and sodden veg to the road along the ridge, and walked out. In the process of fighting through the regrowth I lost my glasses, and the lovely old bloke who eventually gave me a lift inadvertently drove off with my GPS in his car (my fault entirely of course). What would I have given for Bulls Head Shelter and your friendly faces! And you're right about the roads; I was sliding across the lower reaches of Blue Range Road, even in 4WD. Some days are better than others.

Ian Fraser said...

Correction - should have been Blue Range in the second line above, not Bulls Head...

Flabmeister said...

I was thinking it was a long walk! Are your glasses gone for good and have you got your GPS back yet?