Saturday, 29 March 2014

More orchids and a few other flowers

After yesterday's foray by me another member of the ACT orchid group put up a list of all the Corunastylis he was finding on his block about 30km away.  It sounded like similar country to ours so I went for a more intense look at our place.  Much less result: as he reckons they also have no soil and lots of 'roos I cannot think of a non-embarrassing explanation.

Here are a few more snaps, beginning with a couple of Eriochilus cucullatus.
 I know the vernacular name is Parson's Bands, but why do these always remind me of the Rev. Ian Paisley?
I did eventually find a single Little Dumpy (Diplodium truncatum).
The rain seems to have rekindled floral enthusiasm in a number of species.  This is definitely a Wahlenbergia, possibly W. gracilis.  A bit unusual to find them in flower at this time of year.
 Hibbertia seems to flower at all sorts of times, so not so surprising.
 Ditto Vittadinia.
However I normally expect to find Melychrus urceolatus in bud through Winter and flowering in early Spring!
Finally a female Common Brown butterfly was looking for love or, failing that, some nectar.
I suspect she will find neither perching on a dead log.

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