Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Mayfly visits

I couldn't come up with a funny title suggesting that a May fly shouldn't come in March!  In fact as the name comes from the Northern hemisphere, May is equivalent to a Carwoola November, so it is 5 months late rather than 2 months early!

We went up to our nearest dam yesterday and this interesting insect landed on Frances.

I am reasonably sure it is a Mayfly (family Ephemeroptera) but I can't get closer than that.  Brisbane insects has very few images and comments that the family is rather uncommon.  Having found it close to water seems to fit the family habitat.

The family seems to be a favourite of trout fishermen - no doubt due to them breeding in profusion and thus engendering a frenzy among the trout.  However there are no trout in our dam!

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