Saturday, 1 March 2014

February updates

Updates etc to my blogs.

This Blog

  • One's augmented knowledge of Brown Falcon physiology was added to the bark/poop post.
  • The identity of an orchid from Monga was definitely stated.
  • Several photographs by Jennie (from QCC) and a whizzer by Lindell have been added to the QSTW post.

Other Blogs

In my blog about our trip to the UK last year I included an image of the house some relatives lived in from the 1950s onwards.
Frances has been going though old photos and scanning them, and found this one in the form of a postcard with a postmark of July 1953. My relatives house is the last one visible.
I will also draw to people's attention a post about the Bungendore Water Treatment plant (aka poo pits).  Defintely a drought refuge.

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