Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Qu: Why does Telstra exist?

Ans: to make QANTAS look good.

I do not use Telstra as an ISP or voice provider because I don't wish to pay their inflated prices.  However as they have a monopoly on the wires in the ground my ISP (iinet, who also provide my voice service) have to use Telstra as the carrier.  Today both voice and broadband service crapped out at about 8:30.

Cutting to the chase it emerged that this was (99.99r%  certainty) due to some meat brains from Telstra installing - 3 months after it had been requested - a new broadband connection to a property between our house and the exchange.  This has happened at least once before.

Why can't these {reference to disciples of Onan deleted} let people know that work is about to be done? It would take them 20 minutes to drop a note off to everyone the day before!

And if anyone thinks the coming of the National Broadband  Network (NBN) will fix the problem, think again.  Whether one looks at either the Turnbull or Rudd versions of NBN our area - some 30km in a straight line line from the centre of the National Capital - doesn't feature in the NBN connection program for the next decade!

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