Monday, 17 March 2014

Every silver lining has a cloud

We have just been through one of the annoying periods with rain- or at least showers - forecast every day but nothing appearing in the guage.  Last evening (16 March) the clouds were building up well, but a few photographs was all they produced.

For something completely different here is a view of dawn from 18 March.
... and another from 19 March
Getting back to silver, here is the moon at dawn, 19 March.
The dawn moon wasn't visible on 20 March as the clouds were 10/10ths at that time.  However by the time we took Tammy for a walk they were only 95% allowing the silver lining to break through.
Some Sunday-school texts refer to prophets rising on rays of sunlight.  If that is the case then a fair few new religions could have been founded on the Plain this morning!  Unfortunately everyone seemed to have already left for work in Canberra by the time the clouds parted.

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