Thursday, 2 January 2014

Weird Weather Welcomes 2014

On New Years Day we had a small shower of rain in the evening which wasn't forecast. Places further South appeared to getting quite a serve.

However the really strange stuff was later in the night.  We were both woken by a howling gale at about 0130.  This seemed like the passage of a front causing the temperature to rise from 16.1 at 0012 to 21.7 at 0117.
The maximum gust recorded by my (low-set) weather station was 37 kmh at 0147.  It always records lower than the BoM gauges due to its position: Tuggeranong  BoM recorded 67 kmh at 0126 while Braidwood had 54 kmh at 0205.

There was still cloud around as the sun rose at 5:45.
Which made the stringybarks glow!


Denis Wilson said...

I love the sunrise glow on the Stringybarks, Martin.
Happy New Year of blogging.

sandra h said...

Gorgeous sunrise, as you've noted. Everything had a really golden glow, even here in the suburbs.
Sandra H

Flabmeister said...

Thanks Denis and Sandra. It was a great lesson in carpe minutem as the phenomena pictured had completely dissipated within 5 minutes.