Thursday, 23 January 2014

ANPS does other stuff on Settlers track

Following on from the plants post there follow some snaps and bon=mots about other aspects of the walk along Settlers Track.

The first two images just capture some lichen on medium sized granite boulders ('cos I think it looks pretty).

 As we sped back along the fire trail I noticed this brown Flame Robin (I'm not game to say if it was a female or immature male).
 A little earlier a Sacred Kingfisher wasn't a Scared Kingfisher and posed nicely for a photograph.
I heard Superb Lyrebirds calling throughout the walk but didn't see one.  Peter Ormay did point out this used Lyrebird nest near the highest point.
 Let us take a stroll through a few invertebrates.  To prove we aren't legist, here is an eight legged job.
 Very attractive, albeit a bit blurry, patterns on the abdomen.
A non-blurry couple of images of a mantis fly (which is Order Neuroptera, Lacewings etc, family Mantisipidae).  In size (note the silvery filamentous bits of background are hairs on my arms) and overall appearance it looks like Austromantispa imbecilla.

 I believe this next specimen, found along the creek, to be a crane fly (family Tipulidae).
 This lurid beastie is clearly (wings held parallel to body) a Damselfly (Sub-order Zygoptera) .
 Let us leap back to vertebrates.  This tadpole was one of many at any watery bit in the Creek.
 This tadpole is further developed.  From looking at the pattern I suspect it is going to turn into Litoria verreauxii verreauxii of which we found an adult on our previous visit.
 Life imitates art:  I am sure whoever designed these markers was influenced by Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly series.
Although the countryside was looking rather like the Extramadura I don't think this was really the initial stages of a sister city relationship with Pamplona (the gender balance of our group was way wrong for a start). More like some NSW landowner with some hungry stock!
I you wish to read about the plants may I suggest this link could facilitate that?

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