Saturday, 25 January 2014

Raining in my heart

For those that cannot remember 1959, and wonder about the title here is a link to an elucidatory article on Wikipedia.

A common feature of a heart is that it gets broken (and then retires to run a pub).  So it has been with rain recently: forecasts of showers or rain periods 6 days out turn to dust with two days to go.  Our top dam is as low as we have seen it.
Following the old English proverb of "Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning." the day of the 24th looked quite promising.
The single image on the radar in the earlyish morning (0930) looked quite promising
but checking the loop function showed it to be moving SE so likely to miss us.  So it did.  I went into Canberra a little later and there were occasional sprinkles.  In the afternoon these continued, and spread to Carwoola so that we were up to 2.4mm by 1530.   At this point the radar looked good.
I couldn't see how we could miss with that.  We didn't - getting 6.8mm, putting the month to date up to 7.6mm.  Unfortunately, according to The Weather Channel that is the lot for a while, as from 27th we are looking at a week of maxima above 30C and no rain.

Apart from cooling things down and providing a few puddles for the roos to drink from these showers gave us a chance to test the camper and start 'curing' the canvas.
All seems to have passed the test satisfactorily.

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