Saturday, 11 January 2014

War Memorials of the Wagga trip

This post includes some of the War Memorials we found around that would, I felt, disrupt the narrative if included in the basic posts.

Wagga Wagga

Since doing the main post I have discovered from a hint, in K Inglis "Sacred Places", that the reason for the Cenotaph and the Arch in Wagga is because two Committees were competing.  So both did their thing.

Elsewhere in the Memorial Gardens  I found ....

... a memorial to the Vietnam War (with a rather faded image of a Huey)
 ... a memorial to HMAS Wagga
 ... a very interestingly designed National Service memorial;
 ... and this memorial commemorating the efforts of RAAF Forest Hill. (I thought the RAAF Kangaroo image on the ground was very interesting: as one approached it looked like a pool of blood!)


This 1914-18 memorial is at the heart of ANZAC Grove.  The trees forming the Grove are urrajongs (Brachychiton sp.)
 Another, and less faded' image of a Huey and groups of soldiers waitng to go into battle on this Vietnam memorial.
 A lone pine.  This one was brought back from Gallipolli in 1965 by a veteran visiting the area on its 50th anniversary.
 ... WW2.  The inscription is rather moving.


Plaque on gates with stone in the background.
 The stone.  There are nowhere near that number of folk in Coolac these days.

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