Wednesday, 1 January 2014

December 2013 Weather report

I intend to compile a summary of weather for 2013, but that will take a bit of creativity so I thought I would get this month-specific report out of the way first.
Fortunately these aren't (weren't?) our cattle, just assorted skulls we have found around the area.  While intended as a tribute to Georgia O'Keefe they are also a fair comment on the weather of December 2013.  Let us thus begin with rain.


What is this thing called 'rain'?  In December we managed to score 26.4mm.  This fell on 8 days but only 2 days managed to get to the useful level of 5+mm.  This was 41mm below the fall in 2012 and 61mm below the 6 year average.
Although I am trying to restrict this post to December 2-13 I do maintain a 12 month moving average to remove any seasonal factors. Here is a screen dump of that.
While the R2 is not fantastic at 0.66 it does show a fair fit and the last few months looked quite stable (horrid, but stable).  Thus I used a facility within Excel to project the trend forward 12 months.  Oh dear - it just keeps going down!


It is officially Summer so that usually means warmth.
While those temperatures won't look 'hot' to folk from the Tropics, they are a lot more so that a Canberra Winter.  The peak was an ugly 37.2 on the 2nd.  What will impress the Dwellers to the North is the daily range: :the max-min range was >15 degrees on 24 days and >20 degrees on 12 days.  So it does (usually) cool down in the evening.


I usually look at the 5pm humidity to get an idea of how sticky it has been.  I haven't changed a winning formula!
I have also included the rainfall in this chart and as expected the high humidity coincides with rain!


I will keep this simple, and just report on the overall windiness (as measured by maximum gust x day)
There is much thatcan be done with the relationship between wind and other variables.  However that requires more effort and thinking than available right now so that is, as Peter Cundall said "yer bloomin lot"!

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