Thursday, 14 November 2013

Subaqueous homesick reds

For a recent birthday Frances got me a special bag for taking underwater photographs.  I had given it a sort of basic "does it leak?" test and decided the manufacturers claims for that to be resolved in the negative appeared justified.

However since then I hadn't seen anything underwater that I wished to photograph until today.  We needed a big plastic bucket in which to dump to dump some Kniphopia roots until we had time to dig big holes and plant them.  The bucket had been out in recent rain and had several centimetres of water in it and the water was decorated by 2 frogs, 1 living skink and 1former skink.

After removing all except one of the frogs I decided to try out the camera bag with an underwater image of the frog.  Here is the result.
The red colour is due to the strong light coming through the red plastic but the basic shape of the frog and its pattern is quite visible.  So there is scope for entertainment once the water in the Creek clears up after all the sediment from the rain runoff clears up.

Also, the camera still functions!

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