Friday, 22 November 2013

Fuschias and succulents

I have included photos of the garden plants and the native plants around the property.  This post will hold those around the house.
 Actually, the fuschias are on the Southern side - pelargoniums (pelargonia?) are the main game on the Northern side.  See a later post for them when they start to flower.

There isn't a great deal of text, just pretty pictures.  I expect to add more as the flowers emerge.

This one came from a nursery at Berrima.
Although not evident from the image this one is tiny!

This next one has a name which I can remember: La Rosita!

Another named variety: Dancing Flame.

As well as the Fuschias Frances has potted up some succulents that are doing a pretty good job of being interesting.

This is Zygocactus sp.  In the UK it is called the Christmas Cactus because it usually flowers (indoors) at Christmas.  It is either a month early or, allowing for the shift in hemispheres, 5 months late.

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