Saturday, 23 November 2013

A few native flowers in Carwoola

Although most of the native flowers on our block have finished flowering a few are just starting up.  The first of those to be featured is Acacia falciformis.
We are particularly pleased to see this as we have two quite large specimens, from the Greening Australia tubestock, and they have not flowered before this year.

On our morning walk yesterday Frances spotted the first example - this year - of Twining Fringe-lily, Thysanotus patersonii.
On the 23rd I went for a walk round the block looking for Arthropodium sp. (Chocolate lilies) following a story in the Canberra Times about them flowering in the City.  I didn't find any, but there were lots of other pretty things.

Pultenaea procumbens
 Wahlenbergia spp.  There were many of these of a range of sizes around the block.  I'll try to sort out the species shortly.

 Craspedia sp.  In one area there was quite a meadow of these.

A clump of Xerochrysum viscosum.

My best photograph: of Dianella revoluta.

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