Saturday, 9 November 2013

Garden flowers of November

This is primarily a collection of images of the prettier flowers than pop up around the garden in the month.

I'll start with a survivor-iris.  I've called it that as Frances thought she had transplanted a lot that were not doing well to another bed and we then found regrowth.  Obviously a small chunk of tuber had been left.  But we aren't complaining!

This is the first flower of the transplants.
Another transplant comes good.
A friend gave us some Columbines  (often called Aquilegia) and they have turned out yellow, rather than the dark colours of most of our specimens.

A pile of sweet peas - this variety are strongly scented, which is why Frances bought the seed.
The flowers are also pretty.
One f the previous owners of the place did a fair bit of 'cottage garden' stuff.  That may be where the 'Love-in-a-mist' came from.
A snapdragon (aka Antirrhynum)
 A lily in a pot.  (There will be much more about lilies when the big jobs fire up later in the year.)
 A micro-Salvia.
The next two images are sort-of natives, in that the genus Callistemon is native to Australia.  However I suspect these have far more to do with selective breeding by humans than natural processes.

I will include a couple of vegetable snaps here, justifying this, if I need to, as the shape of flowers past and flowers to come. Our broad beans are starting to provide very nicely.

 And the spuds have survived a late frost quite well.

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