Saturday, 16 November 2013

Invertebrates of November

I have already given invertebrates a couple of mentions in other posts this month, but having got a speccie picture of a moth last evening I have decided to give them their own post.
I have even been able to ID this one (thanks Donald Hobern)!  It is Gastrophora henricaria with a vernacular name Fallen Bark Looper.

I have taken images of Hoverflies (family Syrphidae) before, but include this one on the flribunda rose outside the Western end of our house to reflect their abundance this year.
A couple more images from a window in the evening!  This first one is a Cockroach (possibly Periplaneta sp.)
 A moth!  Details later with luck.  From looking at Zborowski and Edwards and confirming with Donald Hobern's photostream I think this is Helicoverpa punctigera.
I have posted elsewhere about a flower stroll around our block, but these two bees earn a picture here slurping on a Wahlenbergia.
A bright blue day-flying moth (yes, I know butterflies - which all fly by day - are also moths).  I am reasonably confident is saying this is Pollanisus apicalis
A grasshopper on Xerochrysum viscosum - possibly expressing an opinion on being photographed.

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