Friday, 22 November 2013

An interesting weather event on 21 November

We are currently in a weather pattern where the pattern is a bit hard to pick.  Going beyond a couple of days out the POP seems to be up and down like Stephane Grappelli's elbow (in about the 1930s).  The forecast for 21 November was isolated showers and the chance of a storm.

By 1710 there was nothing like a storm around so I put the sprinklers on the lawn.  By 1800 there were some indications of a storm such as the sky to the West ....
 ... and the sky to the East.
Checking the BoM radar showed a mess heading our way and the main website had a severe thunderstorm warning for Canberra - and we were smack in the way.  About 30 minutes later it arrived.
When everything had died down here, about 20 minutes later, I reconnected the modem and found this charming picture on the radar.  I am glad we weren't driving down Clyde Mountain at the time!
 My newly repaired weather station reported that we had received 16mm in the 15 minutes of downpour.  Later in the evening I took this image of the outside temperature chart.  That is a fairly spectacular drop in warmth as the storm passed through.
There was a bit more rain later in the night (my old plastic gauge showed a total of a bit under 18mm for the event(s) so I am happy that Mr Davis kept up with the torrent) and lots of flashing and banging up in the sky.  The driveway held up very well and the Creek was flowing nicely this morning.

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