Friday, 22 June 2012

Interesting weather ahead!

I am writing this initial bit at 10pm on 21 June.  My aim is not merely to do an "ain't it awful" piece but to provide a little record of this event which seems as though it might be significant.

The weather forecast for 22nd June is not looking particularly pleasant.  The summary forecast suggests an overnight low of +2 - better than the -7 we have been getting - but a maximum of only 10 with 90% chance of rain.  The likely fall is given as 7 to 15mm.  Winds around 45kph.

That of course is for the City.  We are a bit (200m)  higher and a bit more exposed.  Here is the warning for the area (click to enlarge).
I think the nice image of apple blossom beside this warning is a tad optimistic!

It seemed to rain on and off for most of the night.  Or perhaps when the rain started it woke me up - a joy of the  iron roof.  Here is the radar for 0530.
It has now got to 0730 and the temperature at Canberra Airport is +6.2C.  With the wind (30kph gusting to 56kph) this comes down to +0.2 so is basically summarised by the word revolting.  We have received 7.2mm of rain thus far, but more is happening as I type.

(In passing I will note that at Perisher Valley it is -1.1 (apparent -9) at 7:50.  They have also had 38mm of precipitation - unlikely at those temperatures to have been rain!  Heaven for ski resort operators: no need to use the snow guns and most people will be in the bars and restaurants buying gluhwein rather than loading up the lifts!)

We scored another 4mm of rain by about 9am but that was all.  (A friend in Upper Weston reported receiving a mere 5mm in total.)  The winds were strong but no hurricane-like and some sunshine was around in the late morning.  So overall the day was pretty much of a pussy cat compared to the sabre-toothed tiger I was expecting.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Well, there has been huge rain and other stuff in Victoria.
But it hasn't reached Robertson yet.
But I can see a wall of weather to the south from me.
Probably stops at about Bungonia.
Further south looks very nasty indeed.