Friday, 8 June 2012

Environmental protection: Antarctica and NSW

Dealing with the Antarctic first I post a link to a Survey seeking people's views on aspects of Antarctica.  I have completed the Survey and found it very interesting.  As well as contributing to research you get to see some images of the continent such as
The researcher (Melbourne Uni PhD candidate Rupert Summerson) has agreed to me promoting his Survey here.

The less good news is in NSW where the Government has allowed the hunters into the National Parks to shoot feral animals.  This is covered better than I could manage on the Nature of Robertson but I will contribute the following open letter to our local National Party MP John Barilaro published in The District Bulletin this week (click image to get a larger version).
Any readers who are intending to visit National Parks - or indeed most anywhere in NSW - may wish to pack a set of kevlar body armour (and/or make sure their affairs are in order before leaving home).  

I have asked, by email, the previous member for Monaro, Steve Whan who is now a Member of the Legislative Council - the Upper House under the NSW system - what the Labour Party intends to do to affect the implementation of this scheme but have not so far received a response.  Anyone from NSW reading this may also wish to ask their MPs their position.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Thx for the link, re Shooting in National Parks.
That's a good letter that Nora Stewart has written. She seems to share many views with both of us.
The Editor's note is very useful. Should be quoted widely.