Thursday, 14 June 2012

ANPS visits Kambah Pool and heads North

On 13 June the ANPS Wednesday Walkers visited Kambah Pool and headed towards Casuarina Sands.  We stayed well above the Murrumbidgee for the most part so an amusing debate was not relevant.  (Actually at the temperature today is was simply not an issue, let alone relevant!)

There were a few flowering plants.  This Grevillea juniperina was so nearly in flower it starts the parade.

Whereas this one is 'out'.  (I was most surprised to find the ants in situ when I looked at the image on my computer.)
This is Westringia eremicola.
As we walked back the eagle-eyed Frances spotted a few small flowers on this Pultenaea procumbens 
while Janelle had found Correa reflexa a little further on.
Quite a few species were heavily and attractively in bud.  Here we have Cryptandra amara.  (Down by the river C. propinqua met the 'heavily' criterion but dipped on 'attractively'.)
Pomaderris pallida got a guernsey (and a snap).
I don't usually photograph grass (see reference to C. propinqua above) but this Sorghum leiocladum against the sky was an exception.
Moving on to fungi.  There were quite a few around today (the moist atmosphere close to a lotta water will cause that).  The first is this earthstar - no idea of the Latin.
Many of the wooden steps were decorated with this orange fungus.
I suspect this bracket fungus is Trametes versicolor.
Three shots of various bits of the Murrumbidgee follow.

This small waterfall was in the Creek we followed to get down to the River.
Once there we found this huge pile of debris.  There is little to  give scale, but I would rate it about 1.8m high.
There were a few insects around today.  A green leaf beetle proved its genes by falling off a Bursaria bush as I tried to photograph it.  This tiny (perhaps 5mm long) insect (perhaps a bee) was more cooperative.

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