Monday, 4 June 2012

Aftermath of a damp Saturday

On Saturday morning (2 June) we awoke to the sound of rain.  This was a little surprising as it wasn't supposed to start raining until the evening.  However it rained most of day, bringing out the large moths after dark.  This was not a major invasion as with the last episode and they appeared to be two different species.

This first specimen looks pretty much like a Swift moth
 while this second one is clearly a different species - probably a different family (note the very different sizeof the antennae and different position of the wings - roof-wise not flat)
It stopped raining early on Sunday (forecast to rain all day) but as a result of all the moisture added to the atmosphere and vegetation by 18mm of rain there was a lot of fog around on Monday morning.  Here are a couple of shots from the top of our property looking towards the east.

 When we got down to Whiskers Creek Frances noticed a very strange set of bubbles covering most of the surface of one of the small pools in the Creek. 
While a good collection of foam is not at all unusual I had never noticed a collection of distinct bubbles like this before.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Nice moths.
Agree the 2nd one looks unusual.
First could just be another aberrant Swift Moth, but what do I know? I have seen a great range of markings on mine, this year, and previous years.
But yours almost has a chequerboard pattern.