Saturday, 2 June 2012

A couple of birdie images

This morning I went for a stroll to look at a nesting Black Swan.  While the weather today is not magnificent - drizzling all day so far  and a maximum temperature of 8.8C at Tuggeranong - seeing the Swan was pleasant.  From reading the species account in HANZAB it appears to also be the expected time in this area.
Later in the day a lot of noisy Galahs (sorry for the tautology) perched in a tree just behind the house.
I decided to put these images here because I think they are interesting and it gives me a chance to say that the May report has been added to Birds of Carwoola.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Blogger seems to be having troubles at present, as your Blog link (on my side bar) is not updated.
It still shows your May update as the latest post.
Clearly that is wrong.
Probably explains why no comments are being circulated for moderation, either.

Flabmeister said...

Well that one has got through Denis! For which testing much thanks.